Last Longer in Bed With These Exercises, Techniques and Tips

Here I’ll be showing you how to last longer in bed using targeted training. In the same way as you can increase your fitness at the gym or improve your sporting abilities through coaching, you can increase your stamina in bed quickly and easily with the training methods I’ll be showing you on this page.

There’s a lot of spiritual guides about sex out there. This is not one of those. Everything I’ll tech you here is based on science.

You are not abnormal

Before you get into the exercises and training it’s important you understand this one thing. There is nothing wrong with you. everywhere you look online, people will tell you otherwise but don’t believe a word of it.

They’ll be telling you that you have a serious disorder. That you are abnormal and oversensitive  and that you need drugs, numbing products or sessions on the couch with this guy…

Don’t believe a word of this.

You don’t ejaculate early becasue you have some doop routed mental demons, or because your member is too sensitive, or becaue you are just diffirent to other “normal” guys.

You can’t last in be for one simple reason.

Because you have never been taught how.

and on this page I’ll be putting an end to that.

Truth is there is nothing

Chances are that you’ve been making all the wrong moves in your efforts to last longer in bed.


Breathing, visualization and meditative techniques

A lot of the training work we’ll be covering is all geared towards keeping your core relaxed. Because it’s the tension in these muscles that will rapidly travel to your ejaculatory system and once that happens it pretty much all over. You gotta cut it off right at the source and getting your breathing right is a simple way to reduce internal tension.

The breathing stuff I have just showed you is simple and effective but to really dissolve that tension away  your going to need to learn some more powerful stuff. Meditative and visualization techniques.

Don’t get put of by the name. I’m not going to make you go to yoga classes, convert to Buddhism, and eat Tofu and sprouts for every meal. There’s nothing spiritual here. it’s all based on what has worked for my personal clients time and time again.

Meditative techniques


Visualization techniques

Just visualize 1 millions dollars. And it will be yours. Bullshit right. That’s not the sort of visualization I’ll be showing you here. here we’ll basically be using visualization to “trick” you mind into releasing anxiety an tension. And there’s some really easy ways to do this.



women talk. no matter what your partner tells you, you can guarantee that when she gets together with her girlfriends, the white wine will come out and they’ll all be getting full descriptions of of how their guys stack up in bed. You can’t change that. That’s just how it is. But what you can change what your partner has to report.

By following the steps I’ve outlined you’ll be taking control of the situation and steadily but surely adding minutes to your lasting time, until you reach a point when all her girlfriends will be hearing about the hard pounding, marathon sessions you are putting out. Those sniggers behind your back will be replaced looks of respect and admiration.

You’re not only wasting your own time. but you’re wasting the time of your partner or any girl that gives you her time. While you’re frittering around the internet looking for free scraps of advice from rando’s, she’s there waiting and unsatisfied.

Now this will all take some work on your behalf. and at times you wont get it the first time. it won’t all be easy, but I can tell you this. It will be a lot easier than spending a lifetime with premature ejaculation and missing out of the great sex you deserve.

sex should be fun… but when your constantly worried about making a fool of yourself in front of your girl it becomes anything but.

women talk


We are guys. We are natural problem solvers and when we have a problem, we solve it.