How To Stop Premature Ejaculation Fast

Chances are that you’ve been making all the wrong moves in your efforts to last longer in bed. You’ve been told that you have a serious disorder. That you are abnormal and that you need drugs, numbing products or sessions on the couch with this guy…


The truth is. You are totally normal. and this problem is 100 fixable, no matter how much of a hair trigger you are sitting on right now.

sex does strange things to people. guys with PE totally lose their focus. They think they have some weird problem that is just “part of them”. But when you strip away the sex all you are really going is learning how to control a few muscles in your body.

If your a guy chances are you play some kind of sport. It might be football, basketball, swimming or gumboot tossing. whatever. Think about the first time you tried playing that sport.



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