The Full Stamina system is the gold standard in ejaculatory system training and if you are a coach, relationship counselor, or sexual health expert, we can train you in all our methods so you can offer them to your clients.


Full Stamina Certified Card

In the Full Stamina community, our common goal is to rid the world of premature ejaculation within ten years and one way of working towards this is to train people like you in our methodology so that you can instruct your client effectively in the world’s most effective ejaculatory training system.

Who Can Become A Full Stamina Instructor?

In theory, anyone can become an instructor but accreditation will be most useful to those currently working in the field of sex therapy or relationship counseling.

What Is The Course Syllabus?



At least 2 spoken interviews will be conducted with the applicant. An initial consultation

How Much Does Accreditation Cost?

The full cost of our accreditation is $2500 which includes all training costs and a final examination (online) that must be successfully completed before official Full Stamina accreditation is awarded.

Ongoing Fees Or Costs

Accreditation Course Application Form

Cognitive Behavioural Specialist

Medical Doctor

Relationship Counselor or Coach

Sex Therapist