breathing exercises to last longer in bed

How Breathing Exercises Help You Last Longer In Bed

If you have taken the plunge and started training to last longer in bed a key foundation will be to build the habit of breathing correctly. It sounds simple but pound for pound it’s one of the simplest and easiest ways to make a fast improvement to your ejaculatory control.

To learn the best breathing techniques and methods to last longer in bed we are going to break it down and teach you separate techniques to use during each stage of sex and arousal level as well as lessons on how to breath when you are training.

Exercises 1 – Breathing Before Intercourse or Training Sessions

This first method is very easy to learn so I suggest you do it now as you are reading this. It will only take a few minutes.

Breathing Techniques To Reduce Arousal During Intercourse

Knowing some breathing techniques to implement during sex to control your arousal level is crucial as you begin your ejaculatory training journey. It’ll be a key weapon in your Full Stamina tool kit and an effective “bridge” between your physical and mental skills.



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