It’s becoming increasingly popular for couples to want to complete the full stamina training system while training together. While it’s not for every couple there are a number of positives when a couple can work together to complete the course.

Because your training schedule and module progression will be a little different we have released a separate course for couples. If you and your partner have decided to train together then this is the ideal course for you.

Early Modules Include Solo Modules

Many of the early modules will be completed solo as they require a high degree of focus and self-awareness as we build a more robust pathway between your neural requests (thoughts) and your

Because you will be learning to control muscles and responses for the first time in these areas…

Couples Edging

The edging

Do I Need A Partner To Complete The Full Stamina Course?

Although training with a partner can be fun and beneficial it is by no way a requirement and you can see the same results by completing the course on your own.