Delay Sprays 101: Ultimate Guide To Desensitizing Sprays For PE

Delay sprays, also known as desensitizing or premature ejaculation (PE) spray, are an on-demand solution for men who experience PE—allowing them to last longer during sexual intercourse. But with so many types and brands of delay sprays available today, it can be difficult to sift through the claims being made and know which one is best for you.

Here, we’ll provide comprehensive information about what makes a quality Premature Ejaculation Spray from how these products work all the way explaining different types of sprays and what makes them more effective. We’ll also cover alternative treatment options, the best premature ejaculation sprays on the market today, and how to apply these products so you can get lasting longer during sexual activity than ever before.

What Are Delay Sprays?

Delay sprays are topical anesthetics designed specifically for men with PE. When applied directly to a man’s penis or groin area shortly before intercourse, they work by creating a numbing effect—allowing him last much longer in bed than he normally could without medication or physical discomfort caused by the overuse of condoms.

Most PE sprays contain either benzocaine or lidocaine as the active ingredient. This provides temporary relief from sensations and reduces sensitivity sufficient enough to help men with premature ejaculation treat their symptoms quickly, safely, and without providing any unpleasant odors in order for them to completely enjoy sex!

Do These Sprays Work?

The short answer is yes: delay spray can be an effective solution for treating certain types of Premature Ejaculation (PE), however, delaying orgasm does not necessarily solve all problems associated with it such as erectile dysfunction environment even subjective PE).

In fact, studies have demonstrated a noticeable increase in the time it takes to reach orgasm when using delay sprays, with most men reporting an average of about three minutes longer.

Side Effects of Delay Sprays?

When applied properly and as directed (usually no more than two or three quick spritzes) there are generally minimal side effects associated with premature ejaculation spray use.

However, patients should be aware that if too much is used these may include abnormally prolonged duration before eventually reaching climax which can reduce sexual pleasure overall; skin irritation at the application site due to certain ingredients found within some formulations such brands including KY Duration); throat pain if sprayed in the mouth; and slight to moderate numbness which is often felt.

Sprays with a higher concentration of lidocaine are more likely cause these symptoms but should still be avoided if possible by using lower amounts or alternating products every time sex occurs, as well as following all instructions on the packaging carefully before applying any spray.

What Makes for a High-Quality Premature Ejaculation Spray?

When looking at different types of delay sprays it’s important to consider what makes them effective from both safety and efficacy perspectives:

  • Efficient Delay Spray Technology. A quality delay spray should be fast acting, not alter the normal physiology of functions within the penis or pelvis, and provide consistent results over many uses. It has also been suggested that formulations including active ingredients such as benzocaine/lidocaine in combination with natural plant oils can further help to reduce premature ejaculation by providing extra numbness while offering less risk potential side effects.
  • Reducing Sensitivity: The Desired Effects for Men. Delay sprays work best when applied directly onto the most sensitive areas before engaging in sexual intercourse—with lids local anesthetic blocking nerve cells located there from receiving signals associated with pleasure that normally take longer to achieve when using other methods. When used properly, men should also be able to experience minimal sexual stimulation before ejaculation occurs as well which can help them control their orgasms better.
  • No Carry Over to Your Partner. Delay sprays usually don’t carry over onto your partner during sex and any residual numbing sensation felt on your skin is generally considered safe for others—so you won’t have to worry about impairing the pleasurable aspects of intercourse enjoyed by both parties.

Delay Sprays with Lidocaine

What Is Lidocaine Spray?

Lidocaine sprays are available on the market and are considered one of the most popular forms of desensitizing spray used as a treatment for PE. They work by blocking certain nerve endings in the penis or groin area from feeling sexual stimulations during intercourse—which can help men last longer in bed than they otherwise might without it.

These topical anesthetics only result in minimal to mild numbing effects, so patients do not have to worry about eliminating pleasure altogether; however, some brands containing lidocaine such Px that produce stronger numbness may require more caution when using as there is potential for overdoing it with these types of sprays.

Delay Sprays With Benzocaine

Benzocaine powder, creams, and oral medications which contain this same locally acting numbing agent have also been used historically to help reduce premature ejaculation in men; however the application spray form allows patients to administer the exact amount needed and ensure that the product will be absorbed properly onto most sensitive areas—where-as gels tablets can take longer before taking full effect following ingestion due their absorption speed through GI system (or localized effective).

And unlike other PE treatments such as topical creams, sprays also don’t require that additional manual stimulation be provided in order to achieve the desired result since they are applied directly onto the penis and/or the surrounding area prior to intercourse.

Are Delay Sprays Effective?

Delay spray can without a doubt effective for treating PE when used properly; clinical studies have demonstrated significant improvement time it takes to reach orgasm with minimal side effects reported by patients who adhere to instructions on product packaging thoroughly and regularly apply the recommended dosage (which usually no more than three quick spritzes).

However, some men may find success using just one single application each session while others might need multiple applications to achieve the same length desired effect—this will vary depending largely on individual response to any given spray formulation.

How to Apply Premature Ejaculation Spray

Delay sprays are typically used by men with PE shortly before they’re about to engage in sexual intercourse, and should be applied liberally at least three times directly onto most sensitive areas of the penis or groin area (or mouth if using lids spray).

It is also important that patients wait at least 10-15 minutes before engaging, as this will ensure the product has been fully absorbed and not to accidentally apply too much or risk transfer of numbing components partner during express activity.

If a local anesthetic-based spray is being used then more warning should be taken since any excess can lead to prolonged duration (which isn’t necessarily ideal) and potentially reduce sexual enjoyment for both parties.

What Are Alternatives to Premature Ejaculation Spray?

Though delay sprays may be the most popular form of PE treatment, they’re not only option available on market today and other solutions should also be considered if you’re looking more sustained results over with multiple applications needed each time sex occurs:

  • Sprays Vs. Wipes. Spraying directly onto most sensitive areas can be somewhat difficult to get right, whereas wipes offer a more concentrated delivery solution that may be easier to apply—which often requires just a single application each time sex occurs and doesn’t carry potential risks of local anesthetic transfers (such those found in sprays).
  • Spray Vs Creams. Although topical creams work similarly to sprays, they may require more manual stimulation in order to be fully effective and rub in thoroughly—something that some men with PE find difficult or uncomfortable doing. Furthermore, these types of products can often have less noticeable effects than those found when using a delay spray.

Will Sprays Totally Cure Premature Ejaculation?

Unfortunately, the answer to this is a “no”.

Delay sprays will not cure all forms of PE including those caused by psychological or physiological issues. However, using them on regular basis can help men with PE reduce their sensitivity and improve sexual performance for greater control over ejaculations so they get enjoy sex more often without feeling embarrassed about it afterward.

3 Best Premature Ejaculation Sprays

Promescent Climax Control Spray.

This FDA-compliant delay spray has been proven effective in numerous clinical studies and received great reviews from customers, who praise its ability to help men last longer in bed with minimal to no side effects. It is also easy to use – all you need to do is apply three sprays onto the most sensitive areas prior to intercourse for maximum efficacy within minutes! It should be noted though that this spray may not be ideal for those with sensitive skin because it contains both benzocaine and lidocaine which can cause allergic reactions in some people.

Promescent’s Delay Spray.

This product is a fast-acting delay spray built using their patented TargetZone technology and uses only the purest form of Lidocaineso you don’t have to worry about any allergic reactions or localized numbness. It has positive reviews from customers and is highly praised for its ability to help men with PE delay orgasm without sacrificing sexual pleasure—which makes it a great choice for those seeking a topical desensitizing solution for their intimacy needs.

STUD 100.

This spray uses only natural ingredients such as aloe vera, menthol, witch hazel, and clove oil as active components—making it gentle yet effective for reducing sensitive penis prior to sexual intercourse. It is also significantly cheaper than many other brands on the market today so ideal for those who have a limited budget but still want quality results to help them last longer in bed!


Delay sprays are great solutions for men with premature ejaculation looking to get some extra control over their orgasms without sacrificing sexual pleasure—but selecting the right spray for you can be tricky since there are many different types and brands out on the entry market.

By using this article as a guide, understand what makes a high-quality premature ejaculation spray (such efficient delay technology, reducing sensitivity desired effects men), and familiarize yourself with the side effects associated with these products before choosing one that fits your specific needs best; knowing how to apply it correctly make sure maximum efficacy achieved; and considering alternative treatments delay sprays won’t work, you can ensure that the product ends up being the right fit for both your short-term long term sex life!

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