Frequently Asked Questions About Full Stamina

The following is a list of frequently asked questions about the Full Stamina training program.

Can I Complete The Training On My Own?

Yes. All of the modules have been specifically designed so that they can be completed on your own. We understand that many men would prefer to complete their training without needing any additional help from a partner or specialist.

We actually insist that all the early sections be completed 100% on your own. Some of the later training modules can be completed with the help of a partner but will be just as effective when completed on your own.

How Can I Purchase And Download Full Stamina?

It’s simple. Go to the download page and click on the button that says “Purchase & Download”. This will take you directly to the Paypal site where you can pay either with your credit card or through your existing Paypal account if you have one.  You will then be taken straight back to Full Stamina site where you can instantly download the program in full.

If you encounter any problem, don’t worry as you will also be sent an email with a download link and instructions. We have made the wording of the email extremely discrete to further protect your privacy.

Does The Full Stamina Program Really Work?

We get this question a lot. And that’s perfectly OK. We understand that many men and perhaps your partners too are apprehensive about the results of the program. That’s why on this site we have gone into a lot of details about exactly what the program is and what it can realistically do for you.

Yes. The program will work. Just make sure to follow the steps outlined and work through the modules in order. Because the program covers such a range of skills that you will be improving it has an extremely high success rate.

Is There A Full Stamina app for iPhone Or Andriod?

We don’t currently have an app for either Android or iPhone. We did consider creating one however, the feedback we got from some of our users was that they would be hesitant to have it on their phone due to it may be visible to others.

We also feel that it may lead to distraction during the exercises where a high degree of focus is required. If you think an app would benefit you please let us know.

Can I Buy A Physical Full Stamina Book In Hard Copy?

We no longer provide physical hard copies of our training program as the overwhelming majority of our course users preferred to download the digital version. If you would prefer to work from a physical copy as you work through the program, the PDF files provided can be easily printed out and bound into a book form.

What Will Show Up On My Credit Card Statement?

Nothing at all that reveals what you have purchased. We use an extremely generic term on all our billing information. We understand that many course users will want a high degree of discretion which is why we make sure to always keep your identity and the nature of your purchase hidden.

We hope that one day men can view this form of self-improvement and training as something to be proud of just like working out in the gym or when training to improve other forms of physical fitness. But into you choose to reveal how you acquired your new-found skillset rest assured that it’s all just between you and us.