We have a goal to rid the world of premature ejaculation and if you share our vision we would love to work with you.

Our movement is fast growing and has the lofty goal of ridding the world of premature ejaculation within ten years.




Through our official Full Stamina training and accreditation course, we teach qualify you to be able to teach the official Full Stamina course


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A big part of our goal of ridding the world of premature ejaculation within 10 years is getting the word out to men about how effective ejaculatory training can be when done the ti


Many professionals purchase our courses for their clients.


Do you produce products aimed at treating premature ejaculation and helping men last longer in bed? We work will a select group of product providers who produce products that work. Please note that we are extremely picky regarding products aimed and men with premature ejaculation and will require thorough evidence of effectiveness and a period of first-hand testing before we recommend anything to our readers, users or course participants.